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4 Reasons Why In-Person Event Marketing Is Essential

As the online space grows ever more crowded, in-person events are becoming more essential than ever. They offer the valuable opportunity to speak directly to your target audience and form in-person connections with them. At an in-person event, you can get immediate feedback and control the customer experience in a unique way. This is why event marketing is an essential element of your marketing mix.

You Build an Emotional Connection

People come to your event because they’re interested in what you have to offer. Basically, they’re self-selected as the best possible audience to receive your brand message and ultimately buy your product or service. Instead of talking to the internet at large or every reader of a newspaper or the drivers going by on the highway, you’re speaking directly to your target demographic.

You can use that opportunity to build an in-person connection that feels more immediate and personal than other forms of marketing. In-person events build an emotional connection with attendees, as Howard Givner explained in an article from Entrepreneur.

Givenr says that companies can leverage the connection guests built at an event, cultivating their emotional connection into an ongoing relationship.

Even if attendees don’t buy right away, they’ve become warm leads, primed for a sale.

You Get Immediate Feedback

At an in-person event, you have an ideal opportunity to get immediate feedback on your product or service. No need for focus groups or emailed customer surveys. Guests can try your product in real-time. You can address their questions right away.

This give and take helps you break down barriers to the sale and show potential customers exactly why they need your product or service.

And the value extends far beyond the end of the event. You can use the feedback, questions and discussion to inform your marketing strategy. For example, you might write a blog based on a question you heard several times or start a new Facebook ad campaign showcasing a feature your attendees were particularly excited about.

You Can Curate the Customer Experience

Consumers are bombarded by advertising and marketing messages all day every day. Experts claim a person sees as many as 10,000 brand messages per day. That’s a lot of competition for your ideal customer’s attention.

At an in-person event, your competitors are left outside. Instead of seeing dozens or hundreds of options, attendees see one, yours. That gives you an uninterrupted platform for evangelizing your product or service.

Event Marketing Works

In the Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends survey, event marketing topped the list of effective marketing strategies. And with good reason. According to the EventTrack Content Benchmarking Report, 74% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase after attending a branded event.

Content Marketing is a Surefire Way to Boost Your Business

Have you started a new business or are you a business owner? If so, getting customers can be the #1 priority in your business. The customers can be generally everywhere. However, finding the right customers can be an arduous task as a new business owner, it requires practice and depth in techniques to appeal to an audience. Analyzing these situations, we find that businesses lack opportunities to sell their products to their customers. If this is the case, is there a secret sauce in boosting your business with more clients and projects under your belt. Let’s take this discussion further in this article in the direction of content marketing and how it can be of use to boost your business.

Take the message to the audience

Content is the perfect platform to reach out to your target audience. Since, long year’s people trust in the written word, such a system hasn’t changed yet. People rely on journalistic standards of portraying the word to the audience about any incident. Content has the power to take the right message to your audience. You can use it to build your business now. Whatever you want to express about your product can be packaged neatly and rolled to the customer. Customer although has the power to read through an article and decide on what he wants to do. The word that has been written will accomplish its purpose and return back with more business activity that you desire.

Calibrate the features of your product

Along with the article, you can briefly calibrate the features of your product. A bunch of advertisement philosophy happens here. This is the place to market your product and tell your customer what is the benefit of having your product? and how it solves their problem. This is the time to coerce the list of features your product provides to create a winning appeal to the audience and attracting them to have it. The writer and the business owners can sit together to derive at a strategy about how they would like to appeal to the audience with their content marketing efforts.

Content is King

Content is king. And it’s rightly said. People make a buying decision after reading a review, comparison report, reading a how to blog etc. The way the content is written also plays a crucial role. Content has to be written in a conversational and explanatory tone to inform the reader about the highlights of the product and how it will be of use to them. Persuasive content also appeals well to the audience to buy a product. The ultimate point is content is crucial and it can help you to make a sale if you get it right.

Businesses rebound with opportunities

The result? Businesses boom with work opportunities. Clients rise in number and the number of projects increase dramatically. That’s the result of good content marketing strategy. With good content, your business can never go wrong. You will see your business rebound with opportunities. Make the best use of content marketing to boost your business in terms of clients and volume of projects.

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Brand Loyalty & Retention Rate Relationship

Brand loyalty increases customer retention rate.

Customer retention rate is an important factor to determine business growth and strength. Brand loyalty and customer retention have an established relationship. The more the brand loyalty, higher the retention rate. Especially in digital marketing firms and internet marketing companies.

Customers don’t always purchase products from websites. These statistics support the statement above –

92% of consumers who visit a site for the first time, do not make a purchase even if they intend on.
32% of consumers do not end up making a purchase online.
98% of consumers do not make a purchase online because of problems with the content.
Only 7% of shoppers believe in brands online, whereas 35% do not believe in brands and believe that online brands are doing a poor job.

What customers want is personalized content that they can relate to. One out of ten shoppers ranked it as their number one priority. Customers want to feel important and prioritized. 21% of shoppers are likely to make a purchase when the brand engages in personalization, as it improves the customer’s digital experience.

When a customer looks to make a purchase, there are a variety of things he looks for. Online marketing agencies in India need to understand those needs, and do the needful. Poor content drives customers away. 98% of shoppers have not made a purchase due to this. Providing rich content will optimize the experience of the shopper ensuring that they stick around.

A customer is not likely to stick around if he is shown an ad for a product that’s irrelevant to him or one that he would never purchase. This generalization drives customers away because the content is impersonal. 47% of shoppers have seen ads that are not relevant to them.

An item that would benefit from personalization are coupons based on location. 44% of shoppers confirmed this. Personalised communication is the way to go in order to increase sales.
Using of purchase history and demographics would help gain insight into the customer’s interests, which would improve the level of personalization.

If a brand provides good content and is able to engage the customer who has visited the website, it is likely that they will make a purchase and will continue to do so because of their experience driven engagement.

Customer loyalty programs such as points and reward system for purchasing and referral are also beneficial to keep shoppers engaged in the website. It is also a possible path for marketing of the brand.

Premium loyalty programs such as Amazon Prime, Zomato Gold etc. which have a fee are gaining popularity in the market. 47% of shoppers said that rewards in fee-based programs are better than those of free ones. Since they have paid for the service they are likely to stick on.

Another factor which ensures that the customers stick, is the factor of social responsibility. Brands that help make a change rather than just making a profit, draw customers. Customers, in fact, wouldn’t mind paying more for a product if it was for a cause such as donation, charity etc. When customers spend their money they’d like to feel like it’s going to a good cause and not just into the profit bank of the company. Brands that have such social responsibility programs are likely to create emotional connections and goodwill with customers. Speaking of emotional connections- emotional loyalty is very important. It influences the likelihood of a customer sticking with a brand. Research by Gallup has shown that customers that are emotionally connected with a brand will visit stores of brands 32% more and will spend 46% more than those who are not emotionally connected with the brand. To sum up, loyalty programs, personalization, rich content, and desire to be engaged in social work will act as reinforcers and incentives to keep coming back to a website.

5 Easy Steps To Getting Speaking Gigs Like An Expert

Determine your target audience

Start with knowing your niche audience. This is a vital factor because you can establish your relevance and better make your presence felt in the lives of those who really have passion about the information that you hold and can share.

You will need to know who specifically will relate to your message.

Research organizations that have members of your target audience

One you have determined which people will resonate with what you have to share, research what organizations, associations and groups they would belong to. Create a directory of organizations along with the contact information of the person responsible for booking speakers for conferences, workshops etc.

Prepare a “1 minute presentation highlighting who you are and how your speech can help people

If you’re trying to land speaking engagements with little to no prior experience, then create a presentation examining who you are and the way and manner your speech can assist your niche audience. Put together a compilation reel with highlights if you have some previous engagements under your belt.

If you are an Author and have a book that has been published or is soon to be released, be sure to include this information.

Contact those organizations and ask if you can give a speech to their members at one of their upcoming events

Make contact with organizer’s coordinator. Explain who you are and that you are a speaker. They will want to know the subject of your speaking so be prepared with a few highlights of your speech. Be sure to emphasis the value you would bring to their membership.

Ask if you may send them some marketing material. You want to have a summary of your “talk” and your bio ready to send to them.

Follow up with those contacts via email and send them marketing materials to remind them of the value your speech will bring to their membership

You can make this a simple email where you write “I wanted to checking-in again regarding potential guest speaking opportunities,” and then include the text from your previous email.

You may feel like a nag emailing someone two or three times, but it is important to remember that everyone is busy. However, some of the most successful live workshops or speaking engagements were with people multiple emails were sent to. Marketing materials must be sent to the targeted audience to emphasize the benefit each member will receive from your speech.

In conclusion, Gaining traction as a professional speaker takes time and hustle. You need to do much more than to hang out a shingle claiming that you are a Speaker. To be booked to speak consistently requires you to get out there and market yourself.

Roz Miller-Choice is known as “The Expert Maker” she helps her clients package their expert knowledge and create marketable products and services. She is the author of the soon-to-be-released book called “The Expert Maker: Turning Your Knowledge into Multiple Streams of Income.”

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Top 10 Content Marketing Tools

Some Tools :

1. Gorkana

By using the database search function you can segment your search and you can find the more appropriate journalists and the bloggers to reach out. So that it saves you from the paintasking task of the crawling sites that are looking for the contact details. The beauty of the gorkana is it will give all the information you need in one place.

2. Copyscape

Copyscape will be helping you to make duplicate content a thing of the past or at the very least where they are making a considerable dent in the issue. Using the debit card, credit card or the PayPal account, you will buy a certain number of credits, depending on how many your budget allows.


Help a Reporter Out – more commonly known as HARO – is a powerful sourcing service connecting journalists, brands and industry experts. How it works, first you need to visit the site, then sign up for the service and select the fields you are interested. Then you will receive minimum of three emails per day with the latest media request for your chosen subjects.

4. #Journorequest

Type journorequest in the search bar on Twitter and you will be greeted with the countless tweets from the journalists all over the globe where they will be looking to help from brands and from the industry experts. This is a very great tool for sourcing the new stories to contribute to.

5. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is an effective tool for many reasons, where the first being that it’s perfect for checking how your content is performing. Just you need to enter the URL of the content in the search bar and you will see the social shares it required.

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a wonderful resources for the content marketers, where you can use the content explorer to search for the relevant topic for your client brands. Then you will be provided with the list of content which has gained the most social shares.

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is more than the social media scheduling software. It has been the powerful aggregator, which makes an essential tool for the content marketers.

8. Feedly

Feedly this as invaluable tool for those who are looking to collate the news stories which are relevant to their clients. This site provides a minimalist, and an optimised for the productivity rather than the style.

9. YouGov profiler

YouGove profiler is a tool to have at your disposal. Where you need to enter brand, name or the subject that you need to research and you need to segment the data into the series of fields.

10. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck which is an extremely powerful tool that will provide real time tracking organisation and engagement the data. It will allow you to create the customer Twitter dashboard where the information on your brand on Twitter will be just a click away.

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My Single Best Tip for Better Marketing Results

As I always do with new clients, we went back to basics. My first question was, “Tell me about your audience”.

After stumbling around for a while as she tried to describe her audience without much success, I stopped Jean and said, “That’s your first and maybe your only problem. You don’t know who you’re marketing to.”

This problem comes up more often than you might think. You may know that you need to know your audience, your ideal client. But you may not know them well enough to move on to the next step in your marketing.

The response you want from your prospects is, “Yes! That’s me!” You want them to immediately recognize themselves, so they know right away that you are the company for them. To get that ‘aha’ moment of recognition from your audience, you need to know them and what they want.

Your entire marketing plan is built on this one foundation: knowing your audience. Everything else is built on this knowledge: your strategy, where you’ll market, and how. Your copy, your timing… well, you get the idea!

You have to know who these folks are in order to reach them effectively. Otherwise, your money is wasted.

Teri, another new client, said to me recently when I provided her with 9 questions to answer to start to build her marketing plan, “These questions are really simple.” I agreed with her. But they’re not necessarily easy to answer.

Even though she breezed through them on her own, when we spent a session trying to answer even the first one, she saw that there were significant gaps.

Until you have clarity about your audience, your marketing is a scattershot approach that may or may not land where you want it to. Most small businesses don’t have the budget or time to use a trial-and-error approach. And you don’t have to.

To find out more about your audience so that you can market to them, here are 3 questions you can start to answer to immediately to expand your knowledge:

  1. The easy question first: What are the obvious things about them? What can you see or measure? Male or female? Age? Big city or rural? Income range? Homeowner or renter? Single or in a relationship? Children or none? Note that not all of these things may apply directly to a buying decision around your product or service (though they may have an indirect effect), but they do help you get to know them.
  2. Now on to the next level: What do they believe about your product or service? This is their pre-existing belief, before you market to them. Do they know they want or need it? Or will they have to be convinced? It’s much much easier to market to people who already recognize that your product or service is something they want. If they don’t, you need a very different marketing approach.
  3. Next: What do they know about you and your company? Are you dealing with people who know you and trust you already? If not, have they ever heard of you? If so, what made them notice you? What do they like about you? What do they think about you? Would they refer you to their friends?

These three (and more) questions are just the beginning, and touch on a few areas that are crucial. They will help you get started in getting to know your audience better.

A big truth: the better you know your audience, the better off you’ll be in every aspect of your business, from marketing and sales to customer service. You’ll be able to tailor everything so that your particular crowd buys and is happy throughout their experience with you. That leads to the holy grail of every business: word of mouth referrals.

Keep in mind, your business almost certainly has more than one audience. You’ll need to get to know all of them well in order to be an effective marketer.

Marketing can get pretty complex, with a lot of moving parts to it. Before you even get to that stage, make sure your foundation is solid.

My single best tip for better marketing results? Know your audience.

Ursula Jorch is a speaker, business coach and consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow a successful business that makes a difference in the world. A 21-year successful entrepreneur herself, Ursula helps you define the difference you want to make in the world and develop strategy and marketing so you have ever-expanding impact.

Importance Of Gift Giving In Business

In order to grow your business and increase sales, you need to always think of ways you can increase your customer base. Giving of gifts in organisation is one of the most effective ways to increase your customer base and increase sales. Showing your clients and business partners that you appreciate them for doing business with you is a smart way to secure loyal clients and business partners.

Many organisations have now imbibed gift giving because they know the importance of it. If as a owner you have not taken advantage of this smart way of increasing and growing your business, it is advisable to start right now because of its very great advantages and benefits.

Below are the importance of gift giving:

1. It is a smart way to advertise – Giving our gifts (particularly customized gifts), is a smart way to advertise and promote to more audience. When you give out gifts such as umbrellas, books, pens, e.t.c, that are customized with your brand name and logo, you are invariably marketing your brand to the public. This is an easy and cheaper way of marketing.

2. Creates relationship bond with clients and business partners – When you give out gifts to your clients and business partners, it creates a special feeling of trust and appreciation. Everyone loves to be appreciated and when they are appreciated they are more loyal. For giving your clients and partners gifts, you will not only succeed in creating a relationship but a long-lasting one.

3. Your business will be easily remembered by customers and business partners – Most customers and partners also transact businesses with other companies and this make them have lots of choices to choose from when they need goods and services. What can set you apart as a business and be easily remembered by your customers and business partners is the gifts you have given to them. They will easily remember your company or business when the need arises.

4. It increases sales and revenue – Let’s assume you give a customer a gift as a business owner, there is a higher tendency for that customer to talk about your business with friends and say good things about your business. Those friends who were told about your business because of the gifts you gave out will also want to be a beneficiary of such gestures and this will make them want to patronize your business. This means more customers for your business which will lead to more sales and revenue.

5. People appreciate – Everyone loves to be given free gifts once in a while most especially during festive seasons. Giving out gifts to your customers during festive seasons or when they are celebration special events such as birthday’s or anniversaries will surely make them appreciate your business the more. They will feel special by your kind gestures and this will create a sense of happiness in them. By doing this, you are not only making money from your business but you are also doing something positive in the lives of your customers.

3 Things You Don’t Do Now That You Used to Do for Your Business

Wondering why business is slumping? Why new customers are hard to come by? Why it seems to take longer to get momentum on growth again?

You stopped advertising

This is a big mistake made by smaller businesses who are more susceptible to cash flow problems than bigger ones. Business was good, so you stopped advertising. You didn’t seem to lose any momentum for months, so you assumed that the advertising wasn’t what helped you grow in the first place and you never took it again. A year later, business is trending down again and that’s because you stopped actively promoting your business. Advertising isn’t some vending machine where you put in a coin and out pops a customer. It takes time between seeing an ad and someone acting on it. So it’s hard to track that customer who came through the door back to where they found out about you. Even if you ask them.

You stopped talking about your business

At some point in the journey of having a small business, you stop talking about it to friends and acquaintances. And that’s quite natural. You don’t want to be THAT guy who is always repeating the same stories over and over.

But when you stopped talking about your business, you stopped that valuable word-of-mouth in your network of friends, family and various acquaintances. We’re not talking about hard selling to your mates. We’re talking about dropping in mentions about what’s going on in your business. After all, I guarantee they’re talking about their jobs.

You stopped being excited about what you do

It’s the usual course for a business owner. At start-up, things are nuts, you’re about to go broke and you are loving the rush. After a few years, the rush dies down and you’re in business-as-usual land. There’s nothing new happening and nothing to get excited about.

Business has become about fixing broken things, seeing accountants and paying bills.

There is no single way to get excited about your business. But you can try adding a new product, expanding in to something you don’t do now, or even just trying out a new concept for advertising or marketing.

When it comes to getting yourself back in to the game, you may need to do some reading of books, articles and magazines to get ideas for what others are doing to reignite the momentum in their business.

10 Super Sales Tips to Smash Your Records

Sales methods and techniques are meant to give you a boost in your sales figures. Here are the top 10 salesman tips for a better salesmanship. I tried to explain all these top selling techniques in a very lucid and practical manner.

Sales Tips For Success: Why Required?

Sales methods and techniques are meant to bring the true salesmanship out of you. Moreover, sales methods and techniques help you in identifying your loopholes and improving sales figures. But you may find some of the salesman tips (secret weapons you possess) are not working effectively as it used to be.

Hence, you need to switch out of your old-fashioned approach of selling and try new top selling techniques to smash your own sales records.

Top 10 Selling Methods and Techniques

  1. Help people to make decisions
  2. Offer a cup of coffee
  3. Sell in a bundle
  4. Make your words fancy
  5. Repackage the product
  6. Take the pre-booking approach
  7. Accept debit and credit cards
  8. Be a specialist
  9. Long time experience in the business
  10. Do not compare with the leading brands

1. Help people to make decisions: You may be surprised, but it’s a fact that most the people find it difficult to make decisions. To be more straightforward everybody is not that smart. People believe your words, slogans etc. in your advertisement. You are saying “This health drink is good for your child’s health- better immunity, strengthen bones, sharpen minds bla bla bla… “. A popular brand like Horlicks does the same to convince buyers.

You are not lying but playing some psychological tricks. Your products surely not to have these supernatural qualities and customers are also not going to test your products in a laboratory. But your salesman tips work. You are helping them to take the decision or convincing them that they aren’t taking a wrong decision if they buy the product. Surprisingly, this is one the top selling techniques applied comprehensively.

2. Offer a cup of coffee: Believe it or not, is an effective sales tips for success. A lot of deals can happen over a cup of coffee. On a fine winter evening, you entered a garment showroom to find a jacket of your choice. And you are greeted with a cup of coffee (sign of a true salesmanship). You are pleased. Enjoying your coffee and the salesman is busy demonstrating their best collections.

Now in such a scenario, it would be hard for you to ignore such hospitality and only a moron can get out of the place without buying the jacket. These tiny gifts or presenting small sample packs of our products help us in pleasing the customers and inspire them to buy.

3. Sell in a bundle: In a store, you have varieties items- some are good, some are mediocre and some are bad. These products are not categorized in terms of quality but, in terms of popularity among customers. Good items have lesser margin than the bad ones. Now, what will you do to prove your salesmanship? Give up the bad items? That is not a very good idea at all.

So, sell in a bundle. Make offers or combo packs and schemes to sell both good and bad things altogether. These sales methods and techniques are frequently followed in restaurants, fast food joints like Dominos, Pizza-Hut, shopping malls etc.

4. Make your words fancy: Don’t lie, don’t fraud (which are against salesmanship), but say your words in such a way that makes life fantastic. Using tricky words are part of the sales methods and techniques. “A cup of coffee can make you rich- what?” You wonder and your curiosity will drive you to read further. People like shortcut methods to gain, achieve and to be successful.

That’s where the salesman tips work. Convince people to make a connection between their life and the product offered. Use of carefully chosen fancy words with your products help the customers to find out the usability of it in their lives and how’s life going to be better.

5. Repackage the product: Apply these salesman tips when it’s hard for you to find an answer for the flop performance of your product in the market even though you know how good it is. Mind it, it needs some makeover. Simply changing label may not do, you have to rebrand it or change the name, put a comparison with competitors, show up the advantages your product offers and how life changing it is.

If your product is inexpensive you can increase the price. You will be astonished to learn that people believe the products with obscene price tags more than the lesser one. Adding the words like ‘New’, ‘Special’ etc. to the name add value to the product and obviously customers like them. Lots of big brands rely on these sales methods and techniques to augment their sales figures.

6. Take the pre-booking approach: In this way, you can create some really crazy mob, insane to buy your products. You are showing up a product, describing its features and everything, but you are not offering it for sale. This is a tricky salesmanship. Actually, you are creating hype about the product asking your potential customers- have a look at such a great product and blissful to own it by booking it now. It creates an ambiance- be the first to own it or wait till the next lot comes.

Some companies who have already created popular brands often go for this type of marketing like Apple Inc. This way you are collecting a huge sum of money before the product is released and of course, it’s better for you, because then the customer doesn’t have a chance to back out of the deal if they hear your product isn’t so great.

Once they receive the product the connection between the product and the money they paid has long gone. Even if your product isn’t great, they will not feel deprived because it’s like they are getting it for free. The longer the time between pre-order and release the better.

7. Accept debit and credit cards: Believe me, it’s one of the effective sales methods and techniques. It’s a fact that business outlets accepting credit/debit cards do more business than their counterparts depend on cash transactions only. Most of the people find it difficult to part with hard cash. They see it as an instant loss. Moreover, there is a constraint of cash in their wallet and the customer may shy away from buying a product if it exceeds their wallet.

But in case of credit card, people rarely behave with frugality. In many cases, credit card bills are not paid by the user himself, which make them more lavish while spending. Use of cards gives them the freedom to spend more lifting the constraints of carrying hard cash, which ultimately helps in augmenting the sales figures.

The credit card companies charge an extra fee for transactions, so if possible you shouldn’t charge the same from your customers and this will encourage them to use cards frequently. To add further, some discounts may also be given if a customer buys more than a certain limit. Remember, the more methods of payment you accept, the more money you’ll make.

8. Be a specialist: You are running a shop and your salesmen are labeled in an old-fashioned way like sales executive, junior salesman and so on. Trust me, your customers will not be impressed with their demos and explanations for a particular product even if they explain things in a best possible way.

But, suppose, a customer enters your shop for a laptop and is introduced to the same guy having a designation as laptop expert, it would not take much time to convince the customer. These salesman tips work great. The customer feels confident since the salesman is an expert and he cannot suggest something bad, no matter what rotten knowledge he has about the product.

9. Long time experience in the business: These salesman tips have positive effects, if you tell, you are in the business for more than 10 years, people find it comfortable to deal with you. It’s psychological. A customer naturally gets some confidence in your salesmanship and believes that you know all the pros and cons of the product you are selling. This feeling among the customers certainly improves the sales figures beyond your expectation.

10. Do not compare with leading brands: You may know, that your product is better than some of the leading brands, but do not tell this to your customers. It may take a toll on your salesmanship. Because if you make a comparison with leading brands it creates a feeling in the mind of customers that you are trying to screw them.

A customer knows that the popular brands are of high quality and he is accustomed to it. Now if you tell him that brand is inferior to your one, you are hurting his ego. This ego will not let him purchase your product no matter how’s best it is. So, your approach should be a bit polite. First, let him try your product and then tell him why it’s better than your competitors.

Marketing Automation – Why Has It Become the Need of the Hour for Marketers?

Why Should We Use Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation is all about optimisation, starting from employee management to customer evaluation, along with automating the repetitive tasks performed by your marketing department. A recent Aberdeen research says “Companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates from initial response-to-MQL and a revenue growth rate that is 3.1% higher than non-users.”

Monitor your staffing costs:

Optimized efficiency is the key to any company, be it a start-up or any larger organization. An automation software can enhance the productivity of one employee to compete with a 50-person marketing and sales department by optimising the criteria for any given campaign. It saves time and efficiency both by creating personalised automated content for emails every day.

Return on marketing investments:

With the help of these software, you can automate your cross-sells, up-sells, and customer follow-ups. It also helps in evaluating marketing programs and their performance, based on their investments, demographics and behaviour (among other criteria). This helps in increasing the customer lifetime value too. You can also make an informed decision on where to invest, by changing the course of a program.

Alignment with marketing & sales teams for better accountability:

With this process, it is very easy to find the bottlenecks in your company and provide qualified leads at the right time. Its birds-eye view reporting helps to effectively capture leads and improve accountability of staff and departments. It also provides instant and impartial feedback to improve their nurturing campaigns.

A Personal Communication:

Everyone loves a personalised email. Using automated process, helps you get rid of impersonal, ill-timed, or just completely irrelevant emails and making it more relevant. Its behavioural filters help you target customers based on their internet behaviour and enhances its lead generation value.

Refining Marketing Processes & Campaign Management:

Automation provides you with the ability to run and manage a multi-channel campaign to communicate with audiences, simultaneously measuring its entire effort. You can also change and reconfigure your campaign to brand new landing page if in case your marketing plan changes. This tool helps you create solutions to support these real-world scenarios.

Do Away With Repetition:

These tools spare time for your staff to work on more creative tasks once they get done with manual repetitive work. It enhances staff productivity and effectiveness in a much simpler way.

Target Potential Customers And Segmentation:

Certain tools provide options other than email, postcard, text message, tweet, or a phone call with their multichannel targeting on various stages of the customer journey. It provides the ease with which you can target and segment your prospects and customers. It allows you to capture right actions of people to convert them into customers.

Effective Lead Management and Scoring:

The automation software allows you to extract more out of your finite resources, helping you grow your business.

In Summation:

The idea of using a automation software can both be a dream and a nightmare. With its vast research on choosing the right fit to actually finding one can take you to the next level of doing your business. It can do a lot more than just sending emails, by creating a flexible and sophisticated system for better performance and lead generation.

There is an array of automation software available in the market to provide a solution to match your business requirements. Understanding its long-term impact is the most important factor in the current world where everything is digital.